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Club Regulations and Fishing Rules

Download our fishing competition rules.

NZ Sport Fishing Council (NZSFC)

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Inc (NZSFC), is a not for profit organisation originally founded in 1957 and incorporated on 3 March 1959. It was then named the New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council, changing to its current name in 2009. We currently have 57 affiliated member Clubs from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island. 54 are Incorporated and 3 are Unincorporated.

International Game Fish Association (IGFA)

The IGFA rules have been formulation to promote ethical and sporting angling practices, to establish uniform regulations for the compilation of world game fish records, and to provide basic angling guidelines for use in fishing tournaments and any other group angling activities.

Only fish caught in accordance with IGFA international angling rules, and with the intent of these rules, will be considered for world records.

Have fun, and please play by the rules


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