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Our History

Our History

The saga behind the club rooms evolving onto the site at Salisbury Wharf took 37 years. A lot of perserverance, persistance and dedication by some early club members enabled us to have the fantastic facilities and view we have today.

Below is listed a brief time line on how it all happened.

19 July 1956

The Commodore presented a plan for the proposed extensions to the Clubhouse and landing

29 Nov 1956

Plans to shift the Club's pavillion to Pilot Jetty. Mr Highet offered to draw plans and submit to local  authorities concerned.

26 Aug 1963

A letter was writtent to the Harbour Board asking for reclaimation at the foot of the Mount from the Stone Jetty to a little north of Beach Ave.

4 Sept 1968

A meeting was had with the Harbour Board and with finance permitting, reclaimation or a platform on piles near Salisbury Wharf was agreed.

4 Sept 1973

Numerous objections had been received so the Club needs to re apply to the Council with a slightly different plan.

6 Aug 1975

The Secretary reported on a meeting with the Harbour Board on a proposed Marina in Pilot Bay.

7 Nov 1978

Mt Maunganui Power Boat Club invited Mt Maunganui Yacht Club to join forces for a cooperative effort towards combined Club Rooms.

9 Dec 1980

Pilot Bay reclaimation scheme and progress to date - NIL.

2 July 1982

The Mount Borough Council are in dire need of the funds budgeted for Pilot Bay redevelopment, therefore the project has been shelved, yet again.

1 May 1984

Mt Maunganui Pleasure Boat Club signed an agreement for the purchase of property at 10 Rata Street with the intention of converting the property to Club Rooms. This property ended up being rented for 3 years and no conversion done.

25 Feb 1985

Mt Maunganui Pleasure Boat Club and Mt Maunganui Yacht Club received a letter from the Council requested a further six sets of plans and design report. The Clubs were also advised they should be notifying the BOP Harbour Board, Lands and Survey Department, Historic Places Trust and the Tauranga Moana District Maori Council of their plans of proposal.

8 July 1985

A letter was received from the Borough of Mt Maunganui setting out the instructions to surveryors, the proposal to be advertised for public objections (2 months to be allowed), the proposal to be referred to the Planning Council, proposal is also subject to Ministers Consent. All in all the Borough advised this whole process should take "not less than two years"!!!!

5 June 1987

The Lands and Survey Department declined the application.

9 June 1988

After the declining of proposals, Lyton Tong wrote a letter to the club stating "We are back at the same stage we were 26 years ago!!!! It's frustrating but better luck next year!"

26 Aug 1990

The Mt Maunganui Underwater Club registers an interest in a joint venture with the Mt Maunganui Yacht Club and the Mt Sport Fishing Club.

31 Aug 1990

The Mt Sports Fishing Club purchase the Ferry Wharf Dairy Lunch Bar. Plans are prepared for Club Rooms using the Dairy site.

12 June 1991

Town Planning hearing on Club Room Proposal held.

19 June 1991

Notice of Lease confirmation of Dairy site thus new Club Rooms can proceed.

21 Aug 1991

Further appeals against the proposed building's size.

12 Nov 1991

The amended plans are accepted.

9 Dec 1991

Detailed plans and costings noted.

7 Jan 1992

Letter from Mt Sport Fishing Club and the Mt Underwater Club stating formal proposition for the Mt Underwater Club to be involved.

21 Feb 1992

Formal architect's timetable submitted.

20 July 1992

Pile driving begun.

13 MARCH 1993



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