Presidents Spiel March 2022

Mutterings of Igor

Kia ora
Greetings fisherfolk and club members, I hope this newsletter is the first in a long line to
bring good news and many upcoming events for the future. With the lifting of many of the
covid restrictions the committee are looking forward to getting competitions and gatherings
organised and underway in the next few weeks. It has been very difficult for the committee
to plan anything with confidence over the last couple of years but to their credit they have
taken the opportunities when they could.
The first off the rank is the Contract Mechanical Services Small/fry and Junior tournament
on the 14th of May with a briefing in the club on the Friday the 13th
. It is a great event to get
the kids, grand kids, whanau or friends off the couch and out catching fish. Plenty of great
prizes and a fair few laughs to be had. Big thanks to Tony and the team at CMS and also Shirl
for organising the event
Then we have the Kilwell Trout comp from 17th
- 19th of June. another great weekend of
fishing and festivities and the chance to win good prizes. Convenors Dean Tiriana and Ross
Lucas will make sure it’s a real winner
The committee is also working on a month long competition for the Month of June, which is
the last month of this years fishing calendar. We have done them in the past and allows
competitors to fish any day of the week, this really suits members who don’t work mon-fri.
there will be weigh ins at the club at a set time every night during the comp. so please look
out for that one as well.
Once again, I would like to thank the numerous people who give MMSFC their support and
continuing assistance over the difficult times in last couple of years. As mentioned I believe
with the hard work from our committee we are in a very good position to get back up to
speed quickly.
Finally don’t forget the club rooms, the MOSC, Amy and her team have done some pretty
hard yards to keep things going and it would be good to support them and thank them for
their effort
Enough from me
Haere ra
Play safe, Stay healthy, Keep smiling!